The five elements, practiced in the Mahajrya Tradition, are not the classical elements you would expect.

Before matter existed at all, before there was something created, earth was not the solid grounds we perceive it to be today, fire had nothing to burn, water could not be fluid, and air was not gaseous.

This practice teaches us the science of the five elements in their original pure-thought form, that delivered the creation. The side-effect of their presence in the manifested world can be perceived as the things that we call earth, fire, water and air. To this, the fifth element is added, sometimes called the Void or the Spirit element.


When we think of earth we think of stability or a rock, but it is so much more than that. Earth is the base of creation; it generates life. It is also the base of mental health. It enforces your own mental stability and allows you to release outside influences.


The element of fire purifies and brings about change. It does not burn or destroy like we are used to seeing a flame do. Rather, it elevates to a higher level. A wooden table, set on fire, is not destroyed. It has only changed form into ash. Fire also generates energy and because of this, it radiates this energy. It is the same thing as a candle radiating heat.


This element is also called space or void depending on your beliefs. It is the spiritual element that elevates your consciousness. Heaven is so big and empty, it allows you to accept everything without obstacles so you can exist as the Self instead of perceive with the senses. This element helps with speeding up the process of spiritual evolution.


Water is the supporting substance of all things. It's what brings coherence and connects us to the flow of life. It is the essential part of Chi and life force. Since water represents the womb of the universe, there is no matter that consists without water. For within a womb, life is created. This element connects you to life, movement and the universe.


It is through air that information travels and is shared. All sound waves, vibrations and light move through air and is altered the least. This element opens your mind and other senses to information. It frees you from limiting thoughts and helps you perceive in every way. It broadens your perception of your Self and the universe.



The nervous system is a wonderful thing. It allows us to pick up information using the senses. Then, it sends this information to the brain which translates what we feel into something we can understand. And this is how we perceive the world.

Transmigration goes beyond the physical senses. It allows you to perceive the world from the point of view of Self. 

But first, you just use your mind and your imagination. There is so much information telling us we are limited to our body; that we only exist in flesh.

Over time, and with practice, you will begin to dissolve your belief that you will cease to exist outside of your physical body. And become aware that you also exist everywhere else. You begin to cultivate a feeling of Oneness.

What is the point of doing transmigration? Expanding your perception, healing, discovering where your judgments are and developing compassion, just to name a few. The technique does take practice and patience.

So go easy on yourself and understand that you have been conditioned to know yourself as a human. Physically, emotionally and mentally. 

But once you begin to expand beyond that perception, life will be so much more fulfilling.  You will not need to look outside for anything anymore, because you will realize you are already there.

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