SwahaVai (birth name Rachel Harmony) is an enlightened Buddhist Priest in the Mahajrya Buddhist tradition. SwahaVai is a Sanskrit name meaning “absolute sacrifice.”

When we think of sacrifice, we think of giving something away or letting go of something tangible. And this is not wrong, but it is a limited perception. Sacrifice is a state of being; to be in a state of sacrifice without actually sacrificing anything. So, SwahaVai means to completely let go into an experience without judgments or limitations.

All her life, SwahaVai has been living this experience at different levels. When she was young, she allowed herself to be fully invested in projects or relationships.

She put so much energy into one thing at a time that everything else would go ignored. This lead to friendships ending or work being left undone and responsibilities forgotten.

Later in life, she decided to sell everything she owned and drive across the country to learn yet another level of sacrifice. She eventually settled down, found a place to live and work, and began to live in a state of sacrifice no matter what the experience.

So instead of letting go fully into one thing at a time, SwahaVai began to let go into all experiences equally; without judging the experience as something different than the last. By observing each experience and becoming aware of how consciousness flows through all things, she can more easily discover what prevents her from going into the experience. By dissolving whatever is holding her in a certain belief, the letting go just happens. Things just become simpler and less dramatic.

SwahaVai guides you in how to observe attachments, emotions, mental structures, beliefs, habits and whatever else keeps you from living a simple, happy life. She lives and acts in the modern world, so she is more easily able to guide you through your own experience. SwahaVai uses techniques from many cultures and backgrounds; and she teaches them in a way that makes them accessible and easy to incorporate into your daily life.

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